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Vancouver Washington Locksmith is now providing 24 hour residential locksmith services in and around Vancouver, WA. With no extra fee for nights and weekends you can now trust Vancouver Washington Locksmith, your local 24/7 mobile locksmith services provider to take good care of you when you need us the most.
Getting locked out in the middle of the night or just when you in a hurry to get to work on time is never a pleasant experience. Vancouver Washington Locksmith 24 Hour Lockout Unit is available and ready to serve 24 hour a day 365 days a year. We are committed to our mission which is to make you our customer feel that you have made the right choice by hiring us to handle the home lockout for you. Not every lock can be picked, every so often the lock will be damaged in the process of bypassing the lock. Our professional technicians are well equipped with the right tools and knowledge to bypass most locks without the need to damage the lock. In the event that a lock had to be damage in the process of bypassing the lock; our locksmiths carry a wide range of residential locks style, brands, and color so chances are they carry the replacement lock that match you existing one.
You probably asking yourself what is rekey? Rekey means to take an existing lock and change the pins or tumblers that are inside the lock with different pins or tumblers size.Therefore, the old key will no longer work on the lock and a new key will be made to engage the lock with the new pins or tumblers. Now that you have some idea of what rekey means you can imaging the potential amount money you can save simply by choosing to rekey locks instead of replacing them. We are well prepared to rekey most residential type locks with the necessary tools, knowledge and experience. Keep in mind rekey may not always be the best way to go! The choice to rekey or to replace a lock should be taken based on the condition of the existing lock. For example if a lock is too old it may be slightly cheaper to rekey as apposed to replace the lock however, if the lock is so old it may not last for a long time after the rekey service is done to it. Also older locks are often times easier to bypass. Let our locksmith experts handle your lock rekey needs and make the right decision for you home security.
There is a lot that goes into this category of locksmith. Making the right lock choice for your home should not be based only on color or style. It is very important to choose the lock based on the level of security that you try to achieve. For example: You most likely don’t need the same level of security for a bathroom door as apposed to lets say your front door or your home office door etc. We carry most brands, style and different level of security locks that the market has to offer. Feel free to ask our locksmith technician about our high tech locks line that we carry.
Losing a house key could be a pain. It’s impotent to contact professional locksmith in a situation like that. After all it is you home where you supposed to feel safe and relax. Here at Vancouver Washington Locksmith we understand the importance of your home security and therefore, we have created 24 Hour Mobile Unit to assist our customer 24/7. Trust us to handle your locksmith need fast, efficient and affordable.

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