Lock Rekey

24 Hour Lock Rekey: (360) 205-2953

24 hour Lock Rekey solutions in Vancouver, Washington are available for cars, homes, and businesses.  Do you need to repair some broken locks or perhaps, you need to replace them all together. If so, please do not hesitate to check out more information on our lock replacement lock repair services.  Unlike with lock replacement, when our professional technicians rekey a lock, they are not actually changing the external locking mechanism.  Typically, lock rekey is recommended in the event that there is an issue with an the original key, while lock replacement is recommended for issues with broken and/or unwanted locks!

Why rekey a house lock instead of replacement?

While replacing a lock technically covers all of the reasons that someone might have for wanting to simply have the lock in question rekeyed, it is a bit over kill.  Lock replacement is recommended when the condition of the lock is completely beyond repair and the lock itself no longer works.  Other than that, the only other reason we would recommend a lock change is more about the aesthetic.  If you are remodeling your home or if you just bought a new home, you might find that the locks do not match the look you want.  This a reason to replace them.

So why rekey a lock?  While moving into a new home might call for you to replace the locks, at the very least you need to rekey them.  If your locks are functioning exactly the way we expect locks to be, but you think a previous owner, friend, boy or girlfriend, or even recent tenant might still hold one or more keys to your home, then please trust us to rekey the locks for you.  Once we do this, we will provide new keys that fit the locks and you can rest assured that none of the old ones will work again.

Lastly, if you lost the only key to your home, we can rekey the locks for you.  This is cheaper than replacement, and you will be able to access your home once again.